Low-height platform

After Kaohsiung Station was moved to its present location in 1941, this site was renamed as Kaohsiung Port Station and was no longer serving the Trunk Line for passengers. Therefore, there was no need to increase the height of the platform. The original height in 1908 was conserved and, fortunately, the curb built with expensive granite was conserved as well. In 2006, during the construction of KMRT Sizihwan Station, part of the platform was removed and the precious curb material was temporarily stored at the site. As of 2017, the platform height of Kaohsiung Station is now 76 cm, and 85 cm for Xinzuoying Station. In the future, it will be raised to 92 cm and eventually to a universal height of 115 cm, eliminating the need for boarding steps just like the stations for the HSR or KMRT.